Because bad mental health is bad business.

During this current pandemic, many businesses and their workers are having to adapt to new environments and daily health scares. 

No one wants to burn out. No one chooses mental ill health & Stress or asks to be unable to work. We're all striving for better wellbeing practices but this needs to go way further than a "free fruit Fridays".


I am offering online support, 121 services and group corporate wellbeing sessions throughout this pandemic and I would love to talk to you about how we can keep you and your team on track during this outbreak. 

"We're so lucky to have you each week! Great [wellbeing] hack thank you!"

Laura - Staff member HAVAS 

Happy staff



Work-related stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 40% of work-related ill health and 49% of working days lost, in 2016/17 according to HSE online. 


Rachael knows and understands from personal experience of burn out and mental health issues that there can be simple solutions to combat stress and mental health in the workplace. 


Ultimately happy staff = happy business life

- Companies with happy staff outperform the competition by 20%
- Happy employees are 12% more productive 
- Happy salespeople produce 37% greater sales
- Happy employees take 10 x fewer sick days.


So lets work together to create environments of less stress, anxiety and overwhelm and more happiness and productivity.

"Thank you so much again for coming into our office yesterday and delivering a really strong, healthy, helpful session! We’ve had some good feedback from the group who attended."

Becky Hogg - OFX

I'm about to change your business

Sounds dramatic doesn't it?

It's not. 

Bad mental health is bad business. Costing UK Businesses £33-42bn per year.


I've created a 3 step wellbeing process to cultivate skills in creativity, resilience and stress management to prevent burnout and increase productivity, balance and happiness in your business.

"Rachael's workshop was the most successful  of all the activities at our Annual Health And Wellbeing Fair!  I would highly recommend Rachael and would love to work with her again in the future."

Doria Gani - TFL (Transport for London)

Need something to show the office?

Don't worry I have your back. 

I understand that sometimes you need to show your peers, managers or team what you are planning. So if you need that simply download my Corporate wellbeing deck below for more information on my background, workshops and bespoke wellbeing solutions.






From keynotes to panels.


To inform, educate, motivate or entertain, Rachael bridges the gap between science and spirituality, magic and the mainstream to bring entertaining and actionable information on mental health and wellbeing.



Maybe you like the idea of a sound bath but would prefer to run your own one from your office? 

I have conducted gong baths for the likes of Shell, Bain and co, Selfridges and more so why not try for yourself?



Love the idea of having a one off, bespoke event for your office, a day or weekend retreat or a wellbeing element for a conference? 

I have a vast network of people I can also bring in from yoga teachers to counsellors, body workers to breathing expert so why not contact me to discuss your requirements.

East London, UK | Rachael (at) | 07912 638 966

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