"This course really gave me the springboard I needed to start my own practice, it is no nonsense brilliant ! Rachel teaches in such a tangible, patient, individual, clear and passionate way and makes this skill accessible to even the very busy minded sceptic that I was.. Thank you."


Iris Gibson.

"Amazing informative course. Rachel is a wonderful enthusiastic teacher and I've learnt so much. This is only the beginning but I feel I now have the right tools to carry on my life journey of meditation"


Jodie Sampson.

"I really love how relaxed and approachable your sessions are. I never feel overwhelmed or down on myself if i couldn't quite get into it at that particular session."


Sue Patrick.

"Since meditating with Rachael, I feel a lot calmer and way more in control."


Adam Stone.

Join the course and you will learn: 

- How to sit properly to reduce fidgeting and discomfort

- How to breathe properly to assist your practice

- Key meditation techniques 

- What to do if you have tried and failed before

- Both courses have at least 6 months access to the online course content


Join now and create a simple, effective home meditation practice.

"Never have I seen such a relaxed, transformed group of people after meditation. She’s magic. Really."


Rosie Lennox - Rude Health.

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