I know so many people are suffering in silence with worry and fear-based thinking. Feeling stuck in your heads and lives. Every Sunday night dreading going to bed because you know Monday is coming and you have to do it all again. It's exhausting!


You know,  how I know? Because that used to be me too. And, I now know that the best way to help with this is on an ongoing basis, month after month.


When I was suffering with depression, anxiety and panic attacks, I felt so alone. I was completely overwhelmed with all the information and tools that were out there, I couldn't see the best way forward. I would have loved a space where I could have been shown how to heal, one step at a time. 


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It's as simple as a tap away.

Hi I'm Rachael and I've distilled 6 years of personal experience and training into a process for a happier and healthier life.

I'll help you master your mind, soothe your soul, and most importantly reclaim your life!

Because life's too short to suffer and you're more powerful than you know. 


"Never have I seen such a relaxed, transformed group of people after meditation. She’s magic. Really."


Rosie Lennox - Rude Health.

I'm about to change your life

Sounds dramatic doesn't it?

It's not.

I've helped hundreds of people master their minds to live happier lives.


No more negative thoughts.

No more loosing your temper.

No more procrastination.

No more people pleasing.

Master your mental health.

Conquer your emotions. 

Reclaim your life! 


What if you had a simple process that you could use anywhere to take you from burn out to bossing it, from apathy to awesome and from chaotic to calm.


Would you use it?

Are you ready to tap away your problems?

"I came to the evening with a lot of negativity on my mind and I left bouncing off the walls and with a mind that was completely at peace! Rachael was incredible."


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If you're living with anxiety it gets in the way of everything. Calm your mind with this simple three step process. 


To start the shift from anxious and stressed to feeling calm and blessed all starts with one step (or three?). So why not try out my 3 steps to anxiety free workbook. 

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Why you should work with me.

I have personal experience of the tenacity, resilience and sense of humour it takes to live with depression and anxiety alongside being called one of the best alternative wellbeing therapists in London by Timeout.

Why not contact me and see if you can follow a simple 3 step process to master your mental health, reclaim your life and soothe your soul?

What does Rachael offer?

Peace of mind

Feeling lighter

Seeing the world differently

Falling in love with yourself again.

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