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Events and Retreats

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Private Transformation

I offer private sessions my books are currently open for new clients, but space is limited as I only have so much time. 


Why not click below to find out more and if you feel a calling to work together, you can book a free video call so we can have virtual coffee together and see if we're the right fit.

Workshops & Events

I have a number of signature events and workshops which will help you relax, de-stress and re-connect to you. You'll also meet some awesome like minded people.

Corporate Wellbeing

My corporate wellbeing programs can be personalised to your business.


Helping your staff get creative, and learn to manage stress and mental wellbeing for a happy and productive workforce.

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What Are People Saying about Welford Wellbeing 

Sula Bruce, 

UN Women

Before I came to Rachael's gong bath, I was busy and stressed out! I was conscious of time and feeling too wired to relax. It was a beautifully run gong bath. Really relaxing, gentle and healing. The gentle, calm ambiance you managed to create, is the best thing. It was a really lovely event, Rachael. Thank you.

I was in a very dark place before I started working with you. It was so bad that I didn't even realise how bad my mental state had become! 

I think my main reservation was the spiritual element, or the "woo woo" as you call it. I am very practical and scientific, so I didn't believe in the spiritual side, and I still don't. I guess I was concerned that your technique would be too focused on the woo woo. However, I actually found your work to be very practical. Instead, you have used the woo woo as a metaphor for real solutions that work in real life.

The process of working with you has been quite eye opening, and very emotional at times. I have learned how to reprogram my subconscious, which has given me new skills that I try to use every day.  

I think the best result is that I have learned to love myself and not blame myself. It seems like such a simple thing, but it was actually quite a revelation! 

Lydia Martin, 

Head of People, We Got Pop

I have just finished a Chakra Workshop with Rachael and all I can say is WOW! It was amazing, educational, fulfilling, intense, enlightening, soulful, loving, open, welcoming and the best guided meditation I have ever done. It has opened my mind to a new world of feeling and given me hope when I was struggling to find any. I believe you are lead to the things you need and this really felt like it was the hug from above I was craving. If you're feeling lost, anxious, need some clarity or are interested in getting your chakras aligned I urge you to come to one of her classes. Nothing but love and appreciation for her raw talent and passion for light work.

Roz Marsh,


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