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This month I’m going to explore the theme of words. Talking with various people about affirmations, use of language and how it can affect our perception of reality and create positive change in our lives.

One company who never mixes their words is Rude Health and I’ve been lucky enough to be collaborating with them on an event for You’re in Rude Health Week, An Evening of Tonic: Mind, Body & Soul so I thought it would be rude not to have a chat with them about their use of words on their packaging and in their brand.

Hey Rosie, I love Rude Health tone of voice!

Can you tell us a bit about Rude health and how you use language to engage your customers on your packaging.

Rude Health are a small family run food company based in Fulham. We’re not just another food company, we want to change the way Britain, and one day the world, eats. We believe that eating right makes life better and gives us more of it, both good things.

The RH language is unmistakable and unchanging. We’re unique - it’s part of the brand’s identity and we’re proud of it. Our tone is deeply rooted in the food we make, and our mission to share our enthusiasm for great food and positive living with the whole world. The RH language isn’t fluffy and lovely: it’s punchy. We take our food seriously, however we don’t take ourselves seriously.

We’re serious about food, but we have fun while doing it and we try and make the RH mission to eat right, and stay brilliant, visible in everything we write. The tone comes from the way our founders, Nick and Camilla, speak when you meet them. They tell it like it is. They're concise, unambiguous, true to life and warm-hearted – because they care, and so do we. We’re not corporate…we call a food a food, not a product. We use words that are human and that’s how we aim to engage our customers. We speak to them like we'd speak to a friend, not a client…light hearted, human and honest.

What's your favourite word and why?

Plump. It’s so simply onomatopoeic. I love it.

If you had to ban any word from your vocabulary what would it be?


If you could create a word / add a word to the Oxford English Dictionary what would it be?


If you’re lucky enough to have got tickets to our sold out event on Thursday you can look forward to samples of the following products in your goodie bags! NOM!

Cacao and Vanilla Granola

Porridge Pot



Mini Almond

Did you know being ‘in rude health’ is an old english expression meaning you're ‘up for life’ and ‘full of energy’?

I can’t wait to see you all on Thursday for our sold out Mind, Body, Soul Tonic. If you didn’t manage to get tickets, You’re in Rude Health Week is running from 5th -11th June so check out one of their other events from wood carving to wild swimming, their lineup will get you into Rude Health for sure!

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