Body Positivity and Affirmations

I was really excited to be contacted by Laura from Girl Behind The Look as she was launching Body Positivity Week and wanted me to get involved to discuss affirmations and my thoughts on Body Positivity. Obviously I jumped at the chance of speaking to more Women about why we should love our bodies and ourselves and of course, it ties in perfectly with my theme for this month.... Words.

I asked Laura why she set up Body Positivity Week and this is what she said.

I have been super passionate about Body Positive since I was at university about 13 years ago. I found myself being put under pressure by the industry that I was studying to work in (fashion) and media to be a certain size and this is something that I did not like.

In my final year of university I created a collection that was for all women regardless of what body shape or size the were. Moving to present day, I wanted to write a blog post for my website about How to stay body positive and confident so I reached out to women and had an amazing response (around 150 women). As I was writing this blog ready to post live, I got thinking about if I had a response like that, and these are women who are passionate about this topic like me then surely I could do more than a blog post so I came up with Body Positivity & Confidence Week.

I then got think that if I could get other experts involved that are from different areas related to this topic then it would be even more powerful and that is what I have done created an event with some amazing women that will be offering help and advice in order for other women to feel more Body Positive and Confident!

Body Positivity and Confidence Week runs from 5th - 9th June. You can see me doing a talk and guided mediation on Wednesday 7th June at 18:00 BST.

Join the group here

**Edit - If you're reading this after the 5th - 9th June then you can still join the FB group and watch back all the FB Live's.

You can also download print at home Body Positive Affirmations here

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