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I was honoured to be asked to speak for This Endo Life podcast. Jess Duffin launched This Endo Life as a way to help share information on Endometriosis and invisible illnesses such as Generalised Anxiety Disorder. Jess wanted a place to share stories, nutrition advice, recipes and experiences with a view to inspire women to love their bodies more, stop being at war with themselves and create a better sense of wellbeing.
The podcast speaks to guests who, like me, are challenging chronic illnesses and mental health issues in unique ways.
Jess is so easy to talk to that I forgot I was being recorded, so we go deep! I discuss things about suffering with depression and anxiety that I have never spoken about publicly before. As always I keep my sense of humour about things, but I can assure you I understand the gravity of these illnesses. I know from experience, that if you can change your thought processes and create and implement new behaviour patterns, you can heal and improve your life.
Click below to hear the podcast and hear more about my story and how I went from driving myself mad to thriving myself rad!

We talk work hard/ play hard, self medicating and breaking point. Discovery, recovery and most importantly hope and peace of mind. There's always hope and things really do get better!

This Endo Life - Episode 6 - Rachael Welford iTunes

This Endo Life - Episode 6 - Rachael Welford Stitcher

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If you're currently suffering with any invisible illness please consider getting help. Below are some links which maybe of use.


Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Clinical Depression



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