My top tips for a successful morning

Good morning! Or is it? Monday or Monyay? Are you a morning masochist? Do you need a vibrant shot of caffeine or a cold shower before you can function? Well fear not, here are my handy tips for having a successful morning. 1. Having a successful morning for me starts the night before. I always put my phone on airplane mode before I go to bed and I set my alarm across the room, so I have to get up to turn it off. Sneaky huh?! (otherwise I'm a snoozeaholic!) 2. I am a huge advocate of light alarm clocks. Waking up to an (all be it fake) sunrise and bird song instead of a shouting/ beeping alarm has helped me wake in a more natural fashion and feel awake even when my black out blinds are down. It alsosoothes me to sleep with a sunset too! 3. Journaling with a gratitude diary ( see here for more details ) or morning pages. This can really get your day off to a good start. Emptying out your subconscious and tuning into what you have to be grateful for. 4. I have a short morning routine which usually includes some meditation, EFT and some sort of movement of my body (depending what mood I’m in this maybe yoga or skipping/ kettlebell workout) I recommend something for your peace of mind (meditation), something for your mindset (EFT) and something for your body (move it or loose it sister!). See if you can find a few things which will give you the best start in the morning for your mind, body and soul. 5. Once up and awake, I try to leave my phone on airplane mode until I am ready to leave the house, no distractions, no checking email or social media scrolling. You’ll be shocked at how much more time you have. What are your tips for having a great morning? Why not share in the comments below? Much Love Rachael Ps: if you're having a bad morning or even a bad start to the year. Why not sign up to my FREE New Year, New You de-stress sesh. Click here to book

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