Basic guide to the Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra has been my nemesis (if you can have a nemesis chakra lol!) This energy centre is all about love, compassion and balance and it’s demon is grief, of which I have had a lot. I am still working on my heart chakra to get it to fully balanced and it’s been two years, but it’s been so worth it!

What is a chakra and why should I care?

Chakra is a sanskrit word which translates to wheel or disc and they are the energy centres in our bodies. Our chakra system contains two lines of energy (liberating and manifesting current) which help keep these 'discs' spinning cleanly, we can also gain insights into our lives from the messages our chakras give to us, as long as we know how to read the messages. When our chakras are in balance we feel happy and grounded in our lives and will experience life as it should be, without pain, hardships or illness.

When we are out of balance things can be very uncomfortable for us. Each chakra is developed in turn from the second trimester of pregnancy through to adolescence. Most people are aware of the seven main chakras which are shown as different coloured points moving up the spine, as in the image below.

The Heart Chakra Our forth chakra to develop, the Heart Chakra represents the element of air.

This chakra is developed from the ages of 4-7 years so if you want to understand your heart chakra you need to tune into your child self or spend some time with your children or friends children of that age - how do they behave? What’s their understanding of the world? Babies and children often get over looked, but we can learn so much from them.

If you have experienced rejection, loss, abandonment divorce, death of loved ones, been living or brought up in loveless or cold home or been in codependent or conditional loving relationships, whether that is lovers, family or friends. Lets face it not many people get to their thirties without experiencing any of the above and all of these have the capacity to block, deplete or over ride your heart chakra. Meaning you will find it have to connect with yourself and others, with the likely side effect of having a fear of intimacy or being a clingy, demanding …. dare I say it…. bunny boiler!

Balance here will mean you are compassionate - not just to others but to yourself. You are loving and open and find it easy to make meaningful connections and relationships. You find peace in yourself and your surroundings, are empathetic and have a good immune system. Now who wouldn’t want that?!

Represented by the colour green, located in the middle of your chest and brought back to balance by the chanting of YAM. Good questions to ask yourself when focussing on your heart chakra:

  • Do I feel worthy of love?

  • How do I feel about myself (really?!)

  • Do I have healthy boundaries relationships or do I feel drained?

  • Am I codependent?

  • Do I lack empathy for others?

Issues of the heart chakra are love, intimacy, self love, devotion and balance. The whole purpose of exploring these facets of being human are to understand at our core that we have the right to love and be loved (how very moulin rouge!)

So if you fear you have an imbalance in your heart chakra fear not you can do lots of things to support it. Heart opening meditations, eating nourishing green foods like spinach, kale or kiwis, keeping a straight and open posture (not collapsing the chest and rounding out the shoulders) and using affirmations and crystals.

Affirmations for the Heart Chakra:

I am worthy off love

I see the world through loving eyes and the world lovingly responds by showing me love around every corner

Love is my natural state of being

I only hear words of love

I find it easy to accept compliments

I am worthy

I live in balance with others

I am compassionate of all living things including myself. Mantra for your Heart chakra:

Breathe in: Balanced love

Breathe out: Grief

Crystals to support your Heart Chakra:

Jade - Jade is said to bless everything it touches and is revered in many cultures as a magical stone. Jade will bring calm and peace to your heart as well as help to foster new relationships and increase trust.

Green Aventurine - This stone will help to soothe quick tempers so can be good to prevent arguments or repair connections after harsh words are exchanged. If you are looking for love later in life this is also a great crystal to support that.

Rose Quartz - The mothering crystal Rose Quartz will help you feel nurtured and loved from the inside out. It also promotes sensuality, tenderness and can be a powerful aphrodisiac.

If you'd like to know more about your root chakra or the whole chakra system then why not join me for my FREE know your chakras webinar or join us on my 8 week Chakra Series course.


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