Basic guide to the Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is the final chakra in our seven chakra system - we did it guys we reached the top. The Crown's element is thought and it's purpose understanding.

In my experience the Crown chakra is also about connection and that could come down to understanding. Understanding your part in a much bigger picture. Understanding your connection and the fact that you're never really alone as you are connected to all things. Understanding your mind, your body and your soul connection.

What is a chakra and why should I care?

Chakra is a sanskrit word which translates to wheel or disc and they are the energy centres in our bodies. Our chakra system contains two lines of energy (liberating and manifesting current) which help keep these 'discs' spinning cleanly, we can also gain insights into our lives from the messages our chakras give to us, as long as we know how to read the messages. When our chakras are in balance we feel happy and grounded in our lives and will experience life as it should be, without pain, hardships or illness.

When we are out of balance things can be very uncomfortable for us. Each chakra is developed in turn from the second trimester of pregnancy through to adolescence. Most people are aware of the seven main chakras which are shown as different coloured points moving up the spine, as in the image below.

The Crown Chakra Our seventh chakra to develop, the crown develops and grows throughout early adult life and beyond.

I love the way Anodea Judith talks about the Crown in her book Eastern body, Western Mind. She says, "restoration of the seventh chakra is about awakening to the reality of our spiritual nature. As we eliminate the demons of fear, guilt, shame, grief, lies, illusions and attachments we are liberated from the habitual patterns of our thoughts and are free to experience consciousness as an infinite source."

In my opinion and experience it really is about liberating ourselves from the negativity of fear, shame, guilt, grief, lies, illusions and attachments, but it is also about connecting at a deeper level and building trust in ourselves so that when we are liberated from our usual thought patterns and habitual behaviour, we're feeling strong enough and supported to cope with all the inevitable changes that will come.

If you have lived your life in blind obedience, devoid of curiosity and been surrounded by misinformation, lies and spiritual abuse (either through forced religion and spirituality or through excessive practise and the inability to reground) you may find you have a block or excess energy in this center. Represented by the colour Violet (but sometimes shown as white with golden or pink flics) , located in our Cerebral Cortex and brought back to balance by the chanting of ANG.

Good questions to ask yourself when focussing on your Crown chakra

  • Do I feel like I have the right to know and learn

  • Do I learn new things easily?

  • Am I judgemental?

  • Do I believe in spiritual connection?

  • Do I have blind faith?

Balance in your Crown gives you the ability to process and assimilate information. You are thoughtful, intelligent and aware. You're open minded and able to question, yet you're spiritually connected with a broad wisdom and understanding of the world as well as yourself.

Affirmations for the Crown Chakra:

I am open to new ideas

All information which I need flows to me with ease

The world is my teacher

I am guided by a higher power

I am guided by my inner wisdom.

Mantra for your Crown chakra:

Breathe in: Understanding

Breathe out: Attachment

Crystals to support your Crown Chakra:

Clear Quartz - this easy to program stone can help you in many ways but is great for the Crown Chakra healing. Clear quartz can amplify energies and help with meditation, expansion of consciousness as well as communication with guides.

Selenite - My Selenite wand is one of my favourite crystals I use it a lot in my Reiki treatments. This stone can help you connect to the Crown as well as the Soul Star Chakra allowing you to draw your higher self consciousness into everyday life with ease.

Judy Hall suggests Charoite which stimulates inner vision and spiritual insight and aids in coping with enormous change at a spiritual level. To facilitate this, it synthesises the heart and crown chakras. (copy in italics from crystal vaults)

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