What a horror movie can teach you about your life. (Go grab your popcorn)

Why do people love horror movies so much? Could it be because as we watch people striving to survive we can all relate? We all want to survive and thrive (well apart from when I was depressed and wanted to die... But you know what I mean.) Underneath all the Instagram filters and the showreel social lives we present we all pretty much want the same things. It's likely your list includes the following, in no particular order: - Enough money to not have to worry about bills, living costs etc... And to be able to treat those whom you love occasionally. - ‎One or two holidays a year - ‎A nice place to call home which is warm and safe - ‎Someone who loves you just the way that you are, provides you with love, nurture and support At no point on that list does anyone put, I'd love to be kidnapped, tortured or chased by scary clowns through woodland but many of us may feel like we're being tortured (by our own lack of self worth) kidnapped (by our bosses/ offices) or chased (by our debts). Let's expand on that. Most people reading this will no doubt struggle to meet their basic survival needs, especially us city dwellers. We strive all day to make money and when it comes in more than 20% goes to tax and national insurance, the Guardian reported that 57% of Londoners income goes on rent and then there are the utilities. That leaves approximately 13% or less for us to feed ourselves and have some fun!

We're constantly striving to survive.

We spend so much time focused on making money we miss opportunities to spend with our families and friends, maybe we never meet that special someone as we're always in the office and when we finish work we don't feel like putting our lipstick on (or whatever the equivalent is for men) and going out and being sexy, as we're too tired. So, when we see someone on screen being chased, kidnapped, tortured or whatever horror is happening, in someway we relate. We relate to the striving to survive against all odds and hoping the madness will end.

If your life resembles a horror movie, why not be your own heroine. Be the one who grabs the kitchen knife and locks the doors. The one who takes charge like a crazy bitch (or bastard) and makes quick decisions which save her life. Be the one at the end, covered in blood (theoretically, I'm definitely not suggesting you kill anyone, it's metaphor guys, metaphor), screaming into the night in elation because you bloody did it! You beat the killer clown, the mad psycho, the really large shark and you made it! You survived. What I'm saying in a mad round about way is, you can take charge of your horror movie. You're not the one watching or the actor/actress, you're the script writer. You're the one in charge and you can rewrite the ending as many times as you like. Ask any copy editor, the first draft always gets thrown out anyway. Why do you think tippex was so popular when it was invented?!

Rewrite, edit, change the characters, do whatever you want but don't live in a horror movie, as you're in charge.


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