Change your environment, change your life.

Environment is super important to healing. That's why I love hanging out at She's Lost Control, and working from The Ministry and HQ Therapy Rooms, dipping my toes in the sea when I'm home visiting my parents and laying in Clissold Park when I'm home in London because those environments raise my vibration. Environment is why I moved out of the chaos of the corporate world, the busy warehouse I lived in and bowed out of the party scene. You need time and space to heal. You need to be able to reconnect to your source and hear that quiet voice from inside that so often is ignored or dismissed. To start loving every inch of yourself and catch those negative thoughts and that can be hard (maybe even impossible) to do in the same environment. I have no doubts whatsoever that if I was still behaving the same way and in the same environment I'd still be ill.

"You can not heal in the same environment that made sick."

As Bruce Lipton teaches, its your perception of your environment which creates the blueprint to your health. Change the environment, change the way your body and mind works. It's as simple (although not easy) as that. Bruce says, "If your environment keeps draining your energy, it's like having a leaky bank account, where any money you're putting into the bank, such as by seeing an energy healer, keeps slipping out. You have to change your environment, including any harmful beliefs, before the energy can stay high."

So I suggest looking at your environment.

Have a look around, ask yourself some questions:

What's it filled with?




Quiet spaces?



Natural light?




High vibe people

or something else...

You're the master of your environment, you are the architect of your life. You and only you can change things, if you choose.

Of course, we can not always make the changes we want to straight away but we're always in control (even when we feel like we're not). For example if someone is in prison they may not have control of their outer environment, where they live, what they eat, who they spend their time with but they still have control of their inner environment. I think it was Nelson Mandela who said something along the lines of, "even when I was locked up, they couldn't control my mind, that's where I found my freedom." The seeds we plant today will grow in the future, so ask yourself what seeds are you planting today?

Look at your inner and outer environment and make the changes you can today. Louise Hay always said, "Start where you can with what you have, it's like cleaning a house, it doesn't matter what room you start in if you keep going eventually the whole house will be clean." This is the same for your internal and external environments.

Try to make your home your sanctuary (even if where your home is placed isn't where you'd like), you can make small changes like including a meditation space, keeping your space clean and tidy or having friends over for dinner. If this seems like too much to do or impossible, then look at changing your inner environment. Look at trying one of these things to help cultivate a healthy inner environment:

  • Eating the right things for your body

  • Exercising in ways that make you feel good

  • Changing your habits which may not be serving you

  • Developing a self love practice

  • Practising meditation

  • Educating yourself on things that interest you and drive curiosity and creativity.

  • Try using affirmations to build a new mindset (click here for my free affirmation writing guide)

Continue cultivating a new environment until you feel like new and by doing so you may even be the beacon of light in your community. Much love Rachael

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