What the hell is a gong bath?!

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Often when I talk about Gong baths, sacred sound, and sound therapy I get asked the following questions:

1. What is a Gong bath?

2. What will it do for me?

3. How does it work? With this in mind, I thought I would share the answers.

First things first, there's no water or actual bath's involved and you get to keep your clothes on :-) so don't worry! 1. What is a Gong bath?

A gong bath is essentially a sound meditation. The name gong bath comes from being bathed in a variety of soothing and sacred sounds which use a variety of healing frequencies.

You wear comfy clothes and lay down with a pillow and a blanket (it's a bit like a fun sleepover from when you were a kid) once you are super comfy, I start to guide you using my voice, Tibetan bowls, Gong and bells. I also send Reiki energy to relax your body and slow your busy mind. It's pure bliss.

Every practitioner is different in how they play, the instruments they use and the way they run their events so I would recommend trying a few different ones before you decide you don't like them.

2. What will it do for me?

Gong baths have many proven benefits such as calming the nervous system, which aids better sleep. Helping the body to detoxify itself, taking your mind to Theta and Delta brainwave state (the same as meditation, without having to try to meditate) and helping the body kick start its own healing and pain relief systems.

Sound has been used for thousands of years for therapeutic purposes. As you bathe in the deep vibrations of the gong, all the cells in the body begin to resonate helping to bring your body, mind and soul back to balance. The sounds stimulating the vegas nerve which runs from your brain stem to your abdomen and controls your bodies relaxation response and can slow your heart rate.

Therapeutic sounds entrain the brain to theta brain wave frequencies where visualisation and the creative power of your mind starts. As you relax deeper you may find you enter a trance-like state, or are able to access different levels of consciousness not explored before. People often report deep meditative and peaceful states, clarity of mind, and deeper connections to their intuition.

3. How does it work?

Check out the video below on how it works. Richard Rudis, an experienced gong practitioner had a scientist take blood from a women before and after the gong was played for an hour and the results are astonishing!

Here's what others say about the gong...

“The gong is more accurately a force of energy, "like a divine engine, affecting the body's meridians. By and large, after it's over, you just feel great, you feel like you've been healed by the spirit of nature."

Don Conreau

"The effects lasted well into the evening and even the next morning, when I felt an incredible sense of calm and focus."

Priyam Sharma - from Huffington Post article Why every stressed out person should try a gong meditation.

"Before I came to Rachael's gong bath, I was busy and stressed out! I was conscious of time and feeling too wired to relax. It was a beautifully run gong bath. Really relaxing, gentle and healing. The gentle, calm ambiance you managed to create, is the best thing. It was a really lovely event, Rachael. Thank you."

Sula - UN Women

"For about three minutes I started to see cool patterns as the different sounds passed around the room….Suddenly the mystical properties didn't feel so strong as I tried to work out how long I'd been out for and if everyone had heard me snoring. I must have been dead to the world for a while because, about ten minutes later, it all finished. We took a final few minutes to breathe and then the lights came on."

Extract from I Did a Gong Bath to See If It's a Better Way to Chill Than Gorging on Netflix - Vice.com Sam Wolfson

"If you’d ask me where my mind peacefully drifted off to on Sunday evening as I experienced my first gong bath at YogiYoga in Wandsworth, I wouldn’t be able to to tell you. But I do know that I went into a deep state of relaxation, and left feeling light, grounded and refreshed as I walked home."

My blissful experience in a gong bath by Clare Hudson

So why not check one out for yourself. If you fancy checking one of my events you can see the listings here.

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