Wolf Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon ritual for the first moon of 2020

I love the moon. I always have.

It’s no secret that I’ve always looked up at its milky white splendour and realised and known there is so much more to this universe than we realise. Energetically the full moon is a great time to release and renew as it is the completion of a cycle which would have started on the new moon before. We’re now reaping the rewards of the intentions and seeds sown on 26th December 2019 which was the last new moon the century.

This year has begun with some pretty cool astrological events including a meteor shower and this first full moon, known as the Wolf moon (feel free to howl at it or not, your choice) will create a penumbral lunar eclipse tonight. Timeanddate.com describe this phenomenon as, “A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth, and the Moon are imperfectly aligned. When this happens, the Earth blocks some of the Sun's light from directly reaching the Moon's surface and covers all or part of the Moon with the outer part of its shadow, also known as the penumbra.” so we recommend keeping your eyes skyward this evening.

On a full moon I love to do a release ritual and I have created this ritual for you to do on this first full moon of 2020.

The Wolf symbolism signifies a deep connection to your intuition and instinct, an longing for freedom and dealing with important matters. The Wolf also shines a light on who and what can be trusted and helps to alert us to potential threats. The Wolf is also about self-sufficiency and community being both a pack animal and sometimes a lone creature. So these are the subjects we will explore in the ritual.


Wolf moon ritual - what will you need?

Dates: To be done on or around the Full Moon

Sacred Space: Make sure you have space which you create to be sacred for the ritual. Ideally use a space outside under the moonlight, but can also be done in a quiet space indoors where you will not be disturbed.

Paper and Pen - This is for journaling and also to write down what you want to release or change.

Additional Supplies -

  • A fire-proof cauldron, fireplace or safe burning space such as an open fire pit to offer the burn paper. I have used a metal wastepaper basket before.

  • A candle and a lighter (if doing this outside a windproof lighter and candle holder can be useful)

  • Your favourite crystal

  • water (to put out the fire afterwards),

  • Cleansing herbs for burning such as sage or Palo santo

  • Music (optional)

Ritual how to:

Create your sacred space by setting an intention and using the cleansing herbs to clear any negative energy from the space. Simpy burning your cleansing herbs and asking for the space to be cleared and held for ritual.

If you are using music you can put this on now.

Sit in a comfortable position and close down your eyes, begin to focus solely on your breath, allow any thoughts, feelings, or distractions to be breathed out and let go. As the mind begins to still, focus your intention fully on the third eye (the space between the eyebrows just out in front of your body).

As you sit begin to allow the following 4 questions to arise, you can either meditate on these or journal them out, whichever feels best for you.

1. Ask your body where your intuition lives, allow your full focus to land here and begin to use the mantra, “On this wolf moon, tell me what I need to know, show me what I need to see for the greatest good of all.” stay with this for a few minutes and write down anything that comes up for you.

2. Keeping your focus with your intuition, ask, “On this wolf moon are there any threats I need to be aware of?” If no, move on, if something comes up for you, ask, “how can I use love and compassion to deal with this threat?”

3. How can I serve my community?

4. How can I be a lone wolf without the essence of loneliness?

Once you have meditated or journaled these 4 questions you can move onto the release. Asking what am I ready to release on this full moon?

5. Write out on separate pieces of paper all the things you wish to purge using this format: “Under the light of this wolf moon I release ________________________. I release with ease and grace and for the greatest and highest good of all. So be it, see to it, it is done, it is done, it is done.

6. Take the pieces of paper and burn them in the fire (if you have them use metal tongs to avoid burning your hands and make sure you are burning in a safe space where you will not cause damage)

7. Make sure the fire is out.

8. Close the space with a prayer.

Why not let me know how you got on with the ritual tagging @welfordwellbeing on Facebook or Instagram or sharing over in our facebook group Clear Community.

Heres to a great 2020!

Much Love


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