"She's magic, really."

Because we're stronger together and sometimes you just need a little help. 

My promise to you is that you are more powerful than you know. I want you to know you can heal.

It is totally possible to overcome your trauma, your mental health issues and live a happier and healthier life.


How do I know?

Because I have done it.


Living a free and happy life, full of energy, purpose and happiness is not a pipe dream. It’s within your reach. You have totally got this!

Below are other peoples accounts of working with me across corporate, speaking and 121 sessions.


" I've been having sessions with Rachael now for 3 months and I've made so much progress. My anxiety has improved and I'm able to rationalise my negative thoughts much more quickly, and I don't allow them to take over. She has been really helpful in helping me to keep the faith and keep working towards my goals and dreams."


"Rachael has been running our mediation sessions every week since January! The feedback from the teams has been amazing, and we’ve noticed that majority of people who attend, come back for more. Rachael has a very calming presence and the energy and style of her sessions makes people feel at ease. In the fast paced environment we work in, it’s great to have a place to go to unwind and de-stress."

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What I really love about learning with Rachael is how relaxed and approachable her sessions are. I never felt overwhelmed or down on myself if i couldn't quite get into it (the meditation) at that particular session.
Before I came to your sessions I worried that it wouldn't be for beginners and I would feel out of my depth. The real life tips and tricks you give are the best thing about working with you, you understand we're not all meditating ninjas and the 'looking at a candle tip was invaluable'. Also - just how calm i feel after a session with you. I would definitely recommend learning with Rachael - in fact I've already told others to work with you and am now working with you outside of meditation too :)

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"I was in a very dark place before I started working with you. It was so bad that I didn't even realise how bad my mental state had become!

I think my main reservation was the spiritual element, or the "woo woo" as you call it. I am very practical and scientific, so I didn't believe in the spiritual side, and I still don't. I guess I was concerned that your technique would be too focused on the woo woo. However, I actually found your work to be very practical. Instead, you have used the woo woo as a metaphor for real solutions that work in real life.

The process of working with you has been quite eye opening, and very emotional at times. I have learned how to reprogram my subconscious, which has given me new skills that I try to use every day.  

I think the best result is that I have learned to love myself and not blame myself. It seems like such a simple thing, but it was actually quite a revelation!"


“Rachael was well and truly ‘in rude health.’ She bought an amazing energy, fun and sense of humour to the event. Never have I seen such a relaxed, transformed group of people after meditation. She’s magic. Really.”


My Reiki treatment from Rach on Obonjan was very powerful. I felt it shifted some really deep blockages that had been locked away for a long time. Rach created a beautiful smelling, warm, relaxing, healing space and I felt very safe to cry most of the way through. It was a very relaxing way for me to release whatever needed to be released and I felt so peaceful and calm to have the best night's sleep afterwards. Her voice was very soothing and I could feel how pure her intentions were for me to receive the most healing treatment I could. Thank you so much Rach YOUR THE BEST ! I will absolutely be back for more"



I will support you.

I will teach you with compassion and kindness.

I will empower you to find and follow your inner voice.

"I had an amazing Reiki and Meditation experience with Rachael. I invited her to the Transport For London Head Office in Pier Walk to teach a session at our Annual "Health And Wellbeing Fair" event. Her workshop was the most successful one out of all the activities in that day! All of our employees have been extremely happy and amazed to discover the great benefits of Reiki and Meditation. I would highly recommend Rachael and would love to work with her again in the future."



“I went to the 'Tune In, Chill Out' last night and it was amazing! I haven't done much meditation before but Rachael made me feel relaxed and welcome to the class. I slept so well afterwards! I'll definitely be back for more and I'm looking forward to trying out the Reiki with Rachael too.”

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